About us

VIYKA is a woman owned and operated boutique specializing in premium quality aprons. We are based in Calgary, Canada. At VIYKA we believe in sustainable textiles. We believe in creating luxury aprons while respecting our environment. This is why all our aprons and outer bags are created using only organic cotton fabric. To read more about why we choose organic cotton, click here.

VIYKA values our customers, which is why relationships come first.

We are always available to chat and will happily assist you through any purchasing questions, returns or exchanges. We will answer any questions within one business day and do our best to exceed expectations every time.

VIYKA values contemporary design which inspire the senses.

Our aprons are created to bring a sense of happiness to your day and we are always evolving with new designs for both minimalistic and wildly expressive tastes.

VIYKA values inclusion, which is why our aprons are created for all.

Our aprons come in flexible designs to fit ages 2-102. Our aprons are categorized by size rather than gender to ensure everyone finds the perfect apron for themselves.

VIYKA values our planet, which is why we are always evolving.

Our aprons are created around sustainability, using organic materials, environmentally friendly inks, and recyclable shipping bags. We are currently moving toward biodegradable cornstarch shipping bags for the future.

VIYKA values human rights, which is why we focus on humanity and integrity.

Our manufacturers are required to sign a code of conduct which reflect our stance against modern slavery. This includes fair wages, working rights, safe working conditions, and no child labour. We take ethical trading very seriously and refuse to work with companies that do not abide by these conditions.